Ugly Cakes make the world a prettier place!


    Started by a serious foodie, we are a bakery cafe and online cake shop that bakes delicious, artisanal cakes in Singapore and helps to feed hungry kids in Timor-Leste.

    • Taste the difference – we only use high quality ingredients (i.e. French cocoa, good butter, etc) and all-natural flavour (extracted from fresh fruit and other sources) in our baked goods! No grainy frostings here! ;)

    • Feed hungry kids – we support undernourished children in Timor-Leste by giving part of our profits to the nutrition fund of a school in Timor-Leste. Help us to help the kids by buying more! (Book early - we need at least 3 days' advanced notice and full payment, in order to accept your order.)


    Why the name?

    Ugly Cake Shop does not believe in using artificial colouring, artificial flavours, fondant (too sugary) or gum paste. While these additions make for beautiful cakes, we prefer beautifully balanced cakes (not too sweet) and believe that the more natural ingredients (and the fewer chemicals) you put in your body the better! :) Having said that, we will add artificial food dye to create certain colours upon request. Please indicate when you check-out!




    Thanks to some seriously awesome media folks, Ugly Cake Shop has been featured in the news! #Love


    Special thanks to The Straits Times, Burpple, HungryGoWhere, The New Paper, The Finder, Food & Travel, City Nomads, Honeycombers Singapore, Simply Fabulicious, Alvinology, Keropokman, SG Food on Foot, Camemberu, Fundamentally Flawed, Miss Tam Chiak, Missuschewy, Anything Also Eat, Cuisine Paradise, J Babies, Lobster Paints and Stuff with a Difference!


    Here are some of the latest and greatest articles (those with online links) and blog posts:

    The Finder

    #FinderSGFaves 2019



    "The Uglier, The Better!

    Unlike other cake shops, Lisa's cakes stand out from the crowd."

    The Straits Times

    5 dessert options with lower sugar content

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    "The Ugly Cake Shop says it uses less sugar than usual because it doesn't want to overwhelm the palate with sugar. It doesn't use fondant either.


    One of their star cakes - and one that has the least amount of sugar - is the Nicholas. This bittersweet chocolate cake is frosted with dark chocolate ganache (made with 70 per cent Cacao Barry dark chocolate) and then adorned with crunchy chocolate pearls and cacao nibs."


    Birthday cakes in Singapore: Best bakeries and stores – from personalised cakes to ready-made designs

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    "Don’t let the name fool you, The Ugly Cake Shop bakes some of the most beautiful cakes we’ve ever seen, like the ombre cake with its beautiful shades of pastel colours and rose-patterned icing. If you’re not impressed by fancy frosting, you’ll be happy to know that you can choose from a range of interesting cake flavours like salted caramel and the decadent peanut butter and dark chocolate. What’s more, the cakes are for a cause; part of the profit goes towards feeding hungry children in Timor Leste. Score good karma points this b-day!"


    The Straits Times

    Food Picks: Pretty Delicious

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    "My favourite among her creations is the Big Daddy Junior... - a moist, rich, dark chocolate cupcake with a decadent Valrhona and Nutella frosting which makes me coo in delight.


    Most of the time, cupcakes are either too dry, too sweet, too dense or have frosting made from hydrogenated vegetable oil which barely melts even in Singapore's heat. Right now, this cupcake tops my list in Singapore." - Rebecca Lynne Tan


    Best Cakes in Singapore 2016

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    "This humble bakery tucked away in Geylang Bahru doesn't get much attention, but it should. Unlike its name, the bakes here are delicate and beautiful. This shop is known for its legendary cupcakes, some of which have been upgraded into whole cakes. The Sally ($48) is a dense, dark chocolate cake frosted with a lusciously rich and creamy peanut butter frosting — sounds indulgent but it's actually not too sweet!" - Muriel


    7 Online Cake Shops to Buy From

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    Yay! We're featured as Critic's Pick!



    "We think their cakes have a rustic, homemade (though definitely not discounted) look, filled with the best of natural ingredients. For example, they use real Madagascar vanilla extract instead of vanilla essence, and natural colourings." - Victoria Lim


    10 Best Chocolate Cakes in Singapore that are Classically Fudgy and Dense

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    "Ugly Cake Shop manages to create tasty and aesthetic cakes using only natural ingredients. Their bestseller, Big Daddy ($55 for seven-inch, $70 for nine-inch, $110 for 10-inch), claims to be the “Big Daddy of all chocolate cakes” – a bold statement many loyal customers stand by."


    Flower Delivery Reviews

    15 Best Options for Cake Delivery in Singapore

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    "Using only high quality and natural ingredients, customers get delicious and healthier cakes for special occasions. Plus, part of their profits is donated to a nutrition fund of a school in Timor-Leste aimed at providing food for undernourished children."

    Honeycombers Singapore

    Birthday Cakes in Singapore: Best Bakeries and Stores

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    "Don’t let the name fool you, The Ugly Cake Shop bakes some of the most beautiful cakes we’ve ever seen, like the ombre cake with its beautiful shades of pastel colours and rose-patterned icing. If you’re not impressed by fancy frosting, you’ll be happy to know that you can choose from a range of interesting cake flavours like salted caramel and the decadent peanut butter and dark chocolate. What’s more, the cakes are for a cause; part of the profit goes towards feeding hungry children in Timor Leste. Score good karma points this b-day!" - Dinesh Ajith

    The Finder

    7 Awesome Social Enterprises in Singapore to Shop At While Helping the Needy

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    "The next time you're throwing a birthday party, consider getting these artisanal cakes that will help to feed undernourished children in Timor-Leste. Twenty percent of proceeds are channelled directly to a school in Dili, and the money is used to supplement the school's nutritional fund, which is used to buy eggs and other important sources of protein for the kids." - Muneerah Bee

    City Nomads

    The Ugly Cake Shop: Cakes with a Conscience

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    "With a truly scrumptious selection of whole cakes, cupcakes, loaf cakes, brownies and other delicious delights, Ugly Cakes are all handmade with love and high quality ingredients like French cocoa powder, shunning the use of unnecessary extra sugar or artificial flavours or colours, which scores them another brownie point in our books." - Ms Demeanour


    Simply Fabulicious

    Delectable Ugly Cakes help feed Timor Leste Kids

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    "Don’t let the name fool you. The Ugly Cake Shop is anything but! This new online cake shop is a social enterprise started by Lisa Tan, a friend of SimplyFab’s, who recently hung up her corporate suit to focus on her calling – making pretty, moist, delectable cakes to help feed the hungry children in Timor Leste." - Ee Waun


    SG Food on Foot

    The Ugly Cake Shop @ GB Point (Kallang Bahru)

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    "Started as a home bakery, owner and baker Lisa quit her corporate job a few years back to concentrate on her baking at a licensed central kitchen in Ang Mo Kio. With the encouraging online orders and limited kitchen space, The Ugly Cake Shop took the bold step and moved into GB Point at Kallang Bahru, having its own cafe space offering its signature cupcakes and cakes." - Derrick



    Pretty Yummy Cakes from Ugly Cake Shop

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    "...the cakes are really yummy. A few Saturdays ago, Asher and I were invited to sample Lisa’s offerings at a tea time session at Working Title Cafe in Arab Street. They taste as good as they look." - Rachel Chan



    Ugly Cake Shop, A Licensed Online Cake Shop

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    "Their cupcakes are delicious, moist and taste very real. You know when you bite into it, that there's no artificial additives that you sometimes get from other places. Just ask kids to blind test and they can tell!" - Keropokman


    Fundamentally Flawed

    The Ugly Cake Shop: Sweet Nothings

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    "...if you do have pre-conceived notions about cupcakes being just dried out mini cakes with a ton of sickly sweet frosting over the top, be prepared to have these challenged when you get a load of Lisa's handmade versions. Using only high quality basic ingredients such as cocoa powder, butter and chocolate, the results speak for themselves in the form of rich, moist petit cakes that are even addictive on its own. Lisa then kicks it up a notch, employing her marvellous pastry skills to produce silky smooth frostings, both ganache and Italian meringue buttercreams which leaves a pleasant mouth-feel (accompanied by numerous eye-rolling motion)." - Sihan


    Anything Also Eat

    Qu’ils mangent de la brioche!

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    "Ugly Cake Shop has got a wide variety of cakes, ranging from a sinful bittersweet dark chocolate to a tart lemon heaven cake. I highly recommend the Lemon Drizzle Cake because of the impeccable balance and smooth transitioning of flavours that the cake has." - C.Y.Hen


  • Customise a Cake with Us


    At least 1 week in advance (preferably two weeks in advance or earlier)

    Please give us 3 to 5 working days to reply you. Thank you!


    Buttercream cakes only - no fondant and no 3D figurines

    See our past work - www.facebook.com/UglyCakeShop or http://instagram.com/UglyCakeShop



    Important: Send us a link to the cake design that you like.

    Please see our menu -

    We don't customise cake flavours.


    Customised Cakes are usually at least $100+.

    Two-tier Cakes are usually between $300 - $500+

    Three-tier Cakes are usually $500 - $600+



    Priced from $20.50, delivery is waived for orders above $300 (T&Cs apply).



    Please fill in this form to get a quote.

    We don't consider this an order until you've given it the go-ahead.


    Please fill in the form below. Thank you!

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    Since January 2014, we have been on an exciting adventure to feed hungry kids in Timor-Leste! :) Armed with a God-given vision to feed the kids, we started Ugly Cake Shop with our baking skills and picky palates.


    By selling Ugly Cakes, we get to spread the love (and funds) to a school in Timor-Leste. Part of Ugly Cake Shop’s profits goes towards buying meat, eggs and other much-needed protein sources for the kids in Shallom School, a school set up by Brazilian missionaries and supported by Agape Baptist Church in Singapore. We channel the funds to the nutritional fund at Shallom School through Agape Baptist Church.


    Tomato Rice

    This plate of tomato rice, provided by the school, was a satisfying meal for many of the kids. However, take a quick look at the meal and you'll soon realise that the plate lacks protein. Overtime, we hope to be able to do more for the kids and supply them with enough protein for the entire school.


    Ugly Cake Shop is extending its operations to include a new bakery café! We are now looking for more people to join our Not-so-Ugly Crew.


    If you love baking cakes, love interacting with customers and believe in our cause, we want you!

    Part-time Cake Decorator Wanted (Experienced)



    What you'll be doing


    • You'll be the friendly face of Ugly Cake Shop!
    • Decorating and baking cakes with love :D~
    • Serving customers and recommending menu items
    • Maintaining the highest standard of cleanliness and hygiene
    • Assisting in the clean-up of the cafe 


    Who we're looking for

    • Someone with a great attitude, honesty, integrity and sense of responsibility
    • Loves cleanliness and has a valid food hygiene certificate
    • MUST love baking
    • MUST have experience with buttercream and can cover cakes flawlessly
    • MUST be able to pipe borders and words well
    • Formal training or relevant work experience is a plus!
    • Singaporeans & Permanent Residents only
    • Can commit for at least 6 months


    If you’re keen to join us, drop us a note at mmm@uglycakeshop.sg with your resume and tell us:

    • We're looking for someone who can work three days a week, at least six hours each day
    • Commitment (for part-timers): which days can you commit in a week, and how many hours each day?

    For enquiries, please call us between 10am and 7pm, Mon, Wed - Sat (except Public Holidays).



    (Earliest order fulfilment - 13 May)










    Order a Cake Online


    Click here!


    Enquiries - Call Us




  • Visit Our Cafe


    (Earliest order fulfilment - 13 May)


    Our cafe is located at:

    535 Kallang Bahru, GB Point,

    #01-06, Singapore 339351

    (Grey building at the junction of Geylang Bahru & Kallang Bahru:

    Same building as Automobile Association of Singapore / the former Mandarin Theatre)


    We are right opposite Geylang Bahru MRT station (exit A) on the Downtown Line!


    Opening hours:

    10am till 7pm

    Mondays to Saturdays

    (Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays)




    As we are a small team, please note that we can only confirm your order, if:

    • our orders are not already full for that day
    • you order at least three (3) days in advance
    • full payment (including delivery fees) has been received

    PLEASE NOTE: We will make the cakes according to your order details, i.e. date, time, flavour. Please check through your order details upon making the order and when receiving the order summary from us. If there are inaccuracies, please inform us immediately (at least two (2) days in advance). We will not be able to make changes otherwise.


    Thank you for understanding!




    Please note that delivery is available (Mondays to Saturdays only; between specific hours) but delivery fees apply.


    Ugly Cake Shop is a small operation that relies on external delivery services, we charge delivery at cost price to us. We apologise that we are unable to lower the cost of delivery, until we have our own vehicles.


    Please ensure that someone is available at the delivery address during the entire duration of your chosen time slot to collect your order. The courier will wait at your delivery address for a maximum of 10 minutes and attempt to contact you (or your recipient) during that time. Please understand that cakes are perishable and require refrigeration; therefore, the courier is unable to bring the cake on the road for hours while trying to redeliver. Re-delivery, if needed, will be charged at an additional fee that is equivalent to the original delivery fee.




    To keep costs low, Ugly Cake Shop is a tiny operation with only one full-time cake decorator at the moment. In the event that we are unable to fulfill your order due to unforeseen circumstances (such as the cake decorator falling ill), we will offer you a simpler cake design, refund any excess / full payment (if the order is cancelled) and may refer you to another bakery. We greatly appreciate your understanding.


    Please note that once your order has been confirmed, you can only cancel your order by calling us, at least three days before the delivery or collection date. Event and wedding orders need to be cancelled at least two weeks in advance.




    As we deal with perishable goods, we do not accept returns. If you have any concerns about the products you received from Ugly Cake Shop, please take a photograph of the products and contact us by phone at the time that you receive them. If the product has obvious physical defects that differ greatly from the pictures on our website, we will explore either giving you replacement cakes or refunding your payment.



    Disclaimer: Please note that we reserve the right to change the look of the frosting without prior notice; the taste and quality of the frosting will remain the same.




    We collect your contact information, for the sole purpose of contacting you about your order and (if you allow us to) keep you updated about our latest happenings via an email newsletter. Your information will be kept private.



    Please inform us of any food allergies you have, before ordering from us. If you have a severe nut, dairy, gluten or egg allergy, we recommend that you order from a nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free or gluten-free kitchen. Some of our cakes may not contain these allergens but they are baked in the same kitchen and there may be trace amounts.



    The colour and decorative detail of the cakes may vary slightly from the photographs.




    All baked goods are best stored in the fridge and eaten within three days, unless otherwise stated on the packaging. We are not responsible for food poisoning that result from inappropriate or extensive storage of cakes.




    The rights to all text and pictures on this website belong solely and indefinitely to Ugly Cake Shop LLP. No reproduction or distribution is allowed without explicit permission from Ugly Cake Shop LLP.


    1. Why do you call yourself "Ugly Cake Shop"? (Got people buy meh?)

    We are the Ugly Cake Shop because our cakes do not contain artificial colour, fondant (too sugary) or marzipan (same reason as fondant) - things you would typically find in "beautiful cakes". We also do not use artificial ingredients in our cakes. Having said that, our Ugly Cakes are beautiful in their own right. ;)


    2. Do you customise cakes?

    Yes, we do - but only with buttercream, artificial dye (only upon request) and icing printing. We do not use fondant in our cakes!


    We also do tiered buttercream cakes. If you would like to customise a cake, please drop us a note at mmm@uglycakeshop.sg. Thanks!


    3. Do you do fondant cakes?

    Sorry, we can't emphasise this enough - we don't do fondant cakes because we find fondant too sweet. We prefer buttercream for better balance of flavours.


    4. Are your cakes very sweet?

    We've reduced the sugar content in all of our cakes and baked goods. However, certain flavours like Salted Caramel - by its nature - tend to be sweeter than the rest. The level of sweetness is subjective so please be the judge of it. :)


    5. Do you deliver cakes?

    Yes, we deliver cakes - with no minimum order. However, we use an external courier so we will need to add on a delivery fee.


    Please note that the courier will only wait 10 minutes at your delivery address so it would be great for someone to be on standby to receive the cake. Otherwise, the courier will charge a redelivery fee.


    Please also note that we do not open on Sundays and cannot facilitate deliveries on Sundays until further notice.


    6. Do you cater to events?

    Yes, we cater to company events and weddings.


    7. Is this a home business?

    No, we bake from an NEA-licensed shop, and our staff are armed with the food handling certificate from NEA.


    8. Do you offer cakes that are suitable for those with special dietary requirements?

    Yes, we have the Zainasaurus, which can either be made without eggs, dairy or nuts.


    It is important to note that we are not an egg-free, nut-free or dairy-free environment; as careful as we are, there may still be trace amounts of allergens in the cakes. Therefore, Zainasaurus is not recommended for those with severe allergies.


    9. Are your cakes Halal-certified?

    Sorry, we are not Halal-certified. However, all of our cakes are Muslim-friendly (no pork, lard, alcohol or gelatine), unless otherwise stated. Our cakes are also suitable for octo-lacto vegetarians.


    10. How do you contribute to kids in Timor-Leste?

    We work with a local church, which channels the funds directly to Shallom School in Dili, Timor-Leste. The money is used specifically to supplement the school's nutritional fund, which is used to buy eggs and other great sources of protein for the kids.