Taking a much needed break! Looking for someone to buy over our brand!


1. Why do you call yourself "Ugly Cake Shop"? (Got people buy meh?)

We are the Ugly Cake Shop because our cakes do not contain artificial colour, fondant (too sugary) or marzipan (same reason as fondant) - things you would typically find in "beautiful cakes". We also do not use artificial ingredients in our cakes. Having said that, our Ugly Cakes are beautiful in their own right. ;)


2. Do you customise cakes?

Yes, we do - but only with buttercream, artificial dye (only upon request) and icing printing. We do not use fondant in our cakes!


We also do tiered buttercream cakes. If you would like to customise a cake, please fill in our customisation form. Thanks!


3. Do you do fondant cakes?

Sorry, we can't emphasise this enough - we don't do fondant cakes because we find fondant too sweet. We prefer buttercream for better balance of flavours.


4. Are your cakes very sweet?

We've reduced the sugar content in all of our cakes and baked goods. However, certain flavours like Salted Caramel - by its nature - tend to be sweeter than the rest. The level of sweetness is subjective so please be the judge of it. :)


5. Do you deliver cakes?

Yes, we deliver cakes - with no minimum order. However, we use an external courier so we will need to add on a delivery fee.


Please note that the courier will only wait 10 minutes at your delivery address so it would be great for someone to be on standby to receive the cake. Otherwise, the courier will charge a redelivery fee.


Please also note that we do not open on Sundays and cannot facilitate deliveries on Sundays until further notice.


6. Do you cater to events?

Yes, we cater to company events and weddings.


7. Is this a home business?

No, we bake from an NEA-licensed shop, and our staff are armed with the food handling certificate from NEA.


8. Do you offer cakes that are suitable for those with special dietary requirements?

Yes, we have the Zane cake and cupcakes, which are made without eggs, dairy and nuts.


It is important to note that we are not an egg-free, nut-free or dairy-free environment; as careful as we are, there may still be trace amounts of allergens in the cakes. Therefore, Zane is not recommended for those with severe allergies.



9. How do you contribute to kids in Timor-Leste?

We work with a local church (Agape Baptist Church), which channels the funds directly to Shallom School in Dili, Timor-Leste. The money is used specifically to supplement the school's nutritional fund, which is used to buy eggs and other great sources of protein for the kids.